TRI-FIT aim to become the world’s leading triathlon apparel brand by creating clean, modern and practical premium triathlon clothing using only the finest fabrics from around the world and the latest cutting edge technology and design.

Guiding Principals

TRI-FIT is defined by its community spirit and its
unrelenting drive to produce products that are market leading. We believe in honesty and integrity, and that we should all be working towards a fitter, healthier and greener future.

 We strive to help our customers in 3 main ways



Back in 2017 TRI-FIT Owner, Dan Evans, raced Dubai Ironman 70.3 wearing what was regarded as the market leading triathlon suit. It was this race and suit that led Dan to believe he could do better!

He set about designing and sampling a triathlon suit of his own creation using nothing more than a pencil, a blank piece of paper and his understanding of what he wanted in a triathlon suit.

Dan tested numerous sample suits and covered 1,000 km’s over a period of months, constantly tweaking and adjusting until he produced a suit he was happy to race in.

That suit was the TRI-FIT EVO.

Within a couple of months of TRI-FIT launching with the EVO it had already picked up its first 220 Triathlon “Best on Test” award, an award it has retained for 3 years!

Now based in the UK and building on from the success of the original EVO, TRI-FIT have released more tri suits, GEO and LIBERTY, and complemented their racewear offering with a full range of cyclewear, swimwear, athleticwear, and accessories.

Having won numerous awards and admirers worldwide, plus receiving rave reviews from professionals and the media alike, TRI-FIT is continuing to push forwards, and look to
the future.

With ambitious growth plans, coupled with exciting developments in the world of multi-sport, TRI-FIT's goal of becoming the world’s leading triathlon apparel brand is well within reach!

The only thing left is to ask….#RUTRIFIT?




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