We have teamed up with the amazing guys at Avelon Network and are looking for a select group of men and women who share TRI-FIT’s passion for high end products and quality content to join our TEAM TRI-FIT community of athletes and affiliates.

We aren’t just looking for anyone though!

We are looking for like-minded people, people who have the drive, confidence, and ambition, people who have an eye for detail and quality, people who don’t compromise, people that get up and go after their goals with determination, energy and passion, people who believe they can play a big part in helping TRI-FIT realise our dream of becoming the world’s leading triathlon apparel brand.

We are looking for the people that want to be a part of something, people that want to feel part of a community and give their all, people who want to be in, not just at the start, but also at the end of something special, plus be compensated for their efforts along the way.

Are you a Pro-Athlete performing at the highest level looking to find the edge on your competition? Have you been contracted to a brand and wearing kit that has been holding you back? Are you looking to take the next step on your professional journey? Do you not feel valued by your current apparel sponsor? Contract not renewed and you now want to prove them wrong? Or are you a young gun who believes they will be the next big thing? Or maybe you just want to earn more for what you do.


Then we want to hear from you.


Are you out on your bike every day taking quality images and filming videos to create high end content for your followers? Do you always take your go pro with you to the pool to get those crucial underwater shots? Do you get up early to catch the best light, so your images stand out on your social feeds? Do you travel to the best locations just to get content? Do you have the best aero bike, the best helmet, the best shoes, the best shades, and the best camera, but need the best apparel to go with it?

Then we want to hear from you.


Do you have a loyal following who like to hear about the latest and greatest products to hit the market? Are you already an affiliate for similar brands and are looking to complement your offering? Do you pride yourself on your community and believe people listen and take your advice?

Then we want to hear from you.


Have you been getting the race results, but not the sponsors? Do you travel the world racing? Are you big elsewhere and just starting your triathlon journey?

The we want to hear from you.


In return our TEAM TRI-FIT affiliates would get:

  • Award-winning kit to train and race in
  • Sample products to test
  • Generous commission on all sales generated
  • Photoshoots and images taken where applicable
  • Plus lots more.....

If you have read the above and believe this is you and you are confident you have what it takes to be part of TEAM TRI-FIT and would like to apply to our affiliate program, then please visit Avelon Network to sign up and get started.