TRI-FIT aim to become the world’s leading triathlon apparel brand by creating clean, modern and practical premium triathlon clothing using only the finest fabric’s from around the world and the latest cutting edge design.


Starting TRI-FIT, showcasing first tri suit

Guiding Principals

TRI-FIT is defined by it’s community spirit and triathlons connection with the earth’s elements of land and water, represented by the green and blue in the TRI-FIT logo. We strive to help our customers in 3 main ways, STRENGTH. ENDURANCE. PERFORMANCE.


owner simon bennett, wearing tri-fit apparel


The TRI-FIT brand was created in 2013 by way of a group fitness program on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia.

Owner and founder Simon Bennett had a vision of helping those who want to challenge the status quo in health and fitness and stay ahead of the game.

With a collection of keen triathletes, cyclists, ultra-marathon runners and many more endurance based junkies, Simon carved a new path in group fitness by targeting three main elements within the program. These were:




As a TRI-FIT client you were quickly hailed as an elitist, not just by how fit you were, but because you also adopted these three elements into your day to day life. The results spoke for themselves. Everyday mums were running 10km fun runs in times they had never dreamed of, sponsored athletes were hitting PB’s in their chosen sports, and people were keeping free from injury through their new level of conditioning.

In 2017 during a conversation with one of his oldest and closest friends Dan Evans, a keen triathlete and Ironman, it was decided to elevate this growing brand, this time with a different angle; Apparel.

With countless hours behind the scenes the brand was reborn and Dan became the second half of TRI-FIT. With Dan’s input from years of business experience worldwide they were able to bring to the market a clothing brand that still encompasses the STRENGTH – ENDURANCE – PERFORMANCE roots, but this time through helping our clients and athletes in a different way.

Now the only question that remains is... #ruTRIFIT



TRI-FIT three colour logo